It’s a wonderful thing to practice around like-minded people - so we thank you for your participation in the following studio etiquette

No footwear / bags in the hot room
Please take off your footwear at the front entrance and enter the studio in your bare or sock feet. You are welcome to bring indoor flip-flops or slippers.

No cellphones
Please leave your mobile device in your purse or bag inside the locker room.

Running Late?
Try not to be late to class, but sometimes if you knock on the door hard enough, someone might hear it and let you in. If you're going to be late, and you know it - call the studio at 852-4345 and ask them to wait an extra minute for you. 

Please respect that we do not talk inside the hot room unless it's an ACRO or BEATS class. All other practices are held in sacred silence. This is not a place to whisper or chat to your neighbour. 

The urge to leave
If you think the heat is just too unbearable, you can leave the room, but please make eye contact with the teacher before leaving the room. We suggest lying down on your back. We always have cold cloths ready if you need one for your forehead. 

Scent Free
Minimize personal fragrances. Keep personal hygiene. Wear fresh clothing and avoid synthetic perfumes, scented lotions and oils. We have naturally scented products at Kuuma that are free for your use (Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion and Hand soap).