It’s a wonderful thing to practice around like-minded people! The hot room is very sacred to us, and we appreciate you respecting these studio "best practices."

When the door is closed to the hot room, we observe complete silence. 

Please avoid perfumes or strong scents. 

Please stay for Savasana.

Let your instructor know if you need to leave early for important appointments or emergencies. 

Please leave your cellphone in the dressing room or on silent behind the desk. Let your instructor know if you have your phone. ex. Doctors on call, emergencies. 

Be as quiet as you can. 

Try to avoid leaving the room. *But by all means, go pee!

Honour your personal and individual practice above what the instructor is saying. Listen to your body. If you want to advance or modify every pose... make yourself at home! 

No judgements.

This is your practice.