All of our classes are heated to 33-36 degrees Celsius. *Warm classes the heat is reduced or turned off.
The room is heated by the white FAR Infrared panels that suspend from the ceiling. These 18 electrical panels are very cost efficient (cost very little to run), and have no moving parts.

Far infrared heat (FIR) is known as a radiant heat, which is a form of energy that heats objects directly, without having to heat the surrounding air. This type is a far sector of natural light that is not visible to the human eye. We often compare it to the sun because it feels like Arizona.

Kuuma’s far infrared heat is the same form of heat that causes all plants to photosynthesize, creating energy to sustain and grow. Thus, heating your muscles directly from the inside rather than through external contact. This allows for a wider range of motion during yoga practice.

Our heating panels were purchased via INFRAREDHEAT.CA (see logo below). They are PRESYL USA products made and manufactured in Spokane, Washington.


Our magical heating system is supplied by

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