Yoga Teacher Training, Internship
Term Position: 12 months
Exchange Position: Teaching classes in exchange for tuition at a $50/hr rate.
(1 or 2 positions available)
Applications Open: Friday, September 20th
Applications Close: Saturday, September 28th

Kuuma Yoga and Koulu Yoga School are looking for an individual who would like to enroll in our yoga teacher training starting this October 25th - and runs until October 25, 2020. Kuuma Yoga is not your average yoga studio; it is a sacred place to heal, move and meditate for all people.

We are looking for an individual who is…
a) Passionate and committed to a personal yoga practice (on and off the mat)
b) Looking to take a yoga teacher training, or is looking to re-take a yoga teacher training
c) Has time, energy and space to commit to a one-year internship program that includes over 200hrs of educational instruction.
d) Interested in working with an experienced yoga teacher / mentor
e) Either is comfortable with practice teaching right away, or has teaching experience in a relating field.
f) Lives by (to our best ability) the 8-limbed path of yoga: Yamas, Niyamas, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi.
g) Agrees to the studio Code of Conduct - including the Sexual Misconduct Policy (released Fall 2019) and must be signed by all members, staff and teachers.

Program Details

  • This is a mentorship program that includes working closely with the Lead Trainer at Koulu Yoga School (Mel Moore) for the duration of the 200hr training.

  • If selected, you will begin practice teaching right away under the guidance and mentorship of the Lead Trainer. Mel is a very intuitive and open-hearted teacher and she encourages individuality and self-development. You will be well guided and supported with the freedom to express your authentic voice and message.

  • This is an exchange position which means that for each hour you teach during the program, $50/hr standard rate will be applied against the tuition cost of the program. This program does not have dollar value, it cannot be returned for cash value, cannot be transferred to another student, and must be completed within 12 months.

  • Tuition rate is placed at $3500 for this internship. At $50/hr standard rate, this would be approximately 70hrs in teaching experience. The internship only requires that you teach 50hrs on site at Kuuma Yoga - and the other 20hrs can be spent offering yoga classes in your community (family, friends, parks, community centres, jails, hospitals, seniors homes, etc).

  • Yoga Teacher Training begins on October 25th, 2019. You can view the entire schedule on the Koulu Yoga School tab. You will begin teaching your first class on the first week of November. Schedule is open and flexible to suit other employment, school or arrangements. There is no rigid structure relating to how many hours you need to teach at once. You could start slow at one class per week, and as you build confidence and knowledge from the program, you may be ready to take on more responsibility.

Selected applicants will be contacted by October 1st, 2019. 1 or 2 applicants may be selected - this position is not limited to one student/practitioner. Please apply if you feel a calling to be involved in Koulu Yoga School’s first year of operation.

Applications will open this Friday, September 20th, 2019 on this page.
Applications will close on Saturday, September 28th (New Moon in Virgo), 2019.

Application process involves
a) Personal Letter of Intent
b) 1-2 Letters of Reference (written by past employer, mentor, leader, trainer, teacher, etc)*
c) Filling out the Application
d) a $20 application fee (can be credited 1 class pass or can donate the $20 class to another student in need)


Please fill out the following application, and then head over to Koulu Yoga School Application and fill out the detailed application outlining the cancellation policy, etc. The $100 application fee on the other page is waived. Please pay a $20 application fee for the Internship program if you can. A small financial commitment is a personal investment for your future. This $20 can be credited for a class at the studio or donated to the Karma fund to support another student in their yoga journey.
Thank you so much for applying.

Name *
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Do you understand that you are applying for an internship program that has no cash value and is designed as a work-exchange program? *
The tuition rate set for this internship is valued at $3200+hst. Each time you teach a yoga class (under the guidance and mentorship of a Lead Trainer), you will earn $50/hr toward your tuition rate. 50hrs must be taught at Kuuma Yoga - the other 20hrs can be taught off sight or in your community. Do you understand or is there anything you need clarification with? *
We are asking that you provide short and simple Reference letters from someone in your community (not a family member or spouse). Someone who knows you really well and can speak on your behalf for a reference of character. Do you agree to submit 1-2 Reference letters? (One is satisfactory, but 2 or more is always helpful at making a more informed decision). *
We require that you fill out the application form for KOULU YOGA SCHOOL found in the dropdown menu above. Yoga Alliance approved programs require an application process outlining a cancellation fee and the expectations of the program. To be eligible, you must submit a detailed application. Do you agree to submit this? *
I agree to pay a $20 application fee that can be credited toward a class pass at the studio or be donated to another student in need. *