Why the hell does yoga cost so much?

Well, it really doesn’t. And I’ve been having this conversation a lot over the past several weeks. A monthly membership at Kuuma (with zero commitment) is $150 tax included. This is on par (or actually cheaper) than other studios offering the same thing (at least in Moncton). *This is not my point (or even important to me), so hang in there for the next part:

So, is that too much? 
And here is why:

+ Adopting a healthier lifestyle will straight up help you live longer. 

+ You will gain strength, flexibility, vitality, youthfulness, gratefulness and a sense of stillness and quiet that you didn’t have before. 

+ You will sleep sounder, more peacefully and feel more rested.

+ Did I mention weight loss? Our FAR infrared panels feel exactly like the sun, and are entirely therapeutic and medical grade. You will crave them after one class.

+ You’ll start to take pride in your body. You’ll want healthy fuel, a decent night sleep or to willingly give up that bad habit you’ve had for 15 years. 

If even just ONE of the things listed above is worth $150.00 for you, then, no, yoga does not cost too much. (Your first month never costs $150.00 btw). I felt a tug on my heart this morning to open the conversation about what studios or fitness facilities charge for their services. How do you balance paying the bills with offering a fairly priced service? 

And that’s a reason why all of Kuuma’s pricing is tax included. The prices or rates that we promote on Facebook or our Website are all the final price that you will pay when you come to the studio. No surprise fees, no extra percentages or confusion. 

The challenge lies in perspective here, I believe. What else do you spend $150.00 a month on? That is $5 a day. Can you do without that extra large coffee from the cafe in the morning? Can you replace it with a cheap cup of java at home by the window while reading a book? 


If you’ve been looking for something more and haven’t found your place yet: come home. 

“At the moment of commitment, the entire universe conspires to assist you.”  - Goethe 

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