Our pricing system is very unique and can be confusing upon first glance. We will do our best to make it as straight forward as possible. It is a mixture between Donation-Based and a Sliding Scale.

After you’ve used your free class, you can drop-in to a class anytime for $10, $15 or $20. There are three options because we acknowledge that not everyone makes the same amount of money. Some of you can afford a $20 yoga class - and others cannot afford yoga at all. *We offer 3-4 free yoga classes per week. See the schedule for the classes marked FREE. We suggest $15, but will accept more or less (depending on what is available for you). We ask that you be honest and trustworthy.

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If you practice multiple times per week (or daily), then the Unlimited Monthly options are best for you. These options are also priced on a scale. On the lowest end, $65 (including tax), will get you access to 40+ classes per week. This base membership doesn’t include our 2hr Unlimited+ special classes. If you’d like to drop-in to one of the Unlimited+ classes, the drop-in scale $15-$20 will be applied.

If you purchase the $75+, $85+, $95+ or $105+, the Unlimited+ schedule is included in your monthly unlimited membership. You will be able to sign yourself into these classes with no restrictions.

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If you’re visiting for a week, or it’s your first month at Kuuma, we have special offer deals for you. You can try ONE WEEK of yoga for $25 (tax included), or you can try your first month for $50 (tax included).

High school students can drop in anytime for $5 (including tax), or an unlimited month for $25 (including tax). We offer a special $45 (including tax) rate for Warrior Parents (single parents, or single-income parents), WW members, or fellow yoga teachers (YTT students currently enrolled in a program are eligible for this deal).

The last option on the special offer list is the YOGI $55. This option is available for those who cannot afford the $65 membership and do not quality for a special offer. As it stands now (Feb, 2019), all pricing options are available to purchase online. We ask that you only select or purchase this membership if you are in need. The pricing scale is meant to balance in the middle. If it is within your means to purchase a higher priced membership, and you choose the $55 option, this takes away from the magic that the scale offers. We ask that you be fair, honest and truthful with us when it comes to paying for your membership. *If this system cannot be respected, then the special offers will be limited for online purchase and you will need to come into the studio and ask for these options and receive approval from the instructor at the desk. Thank you for understanding and working with us to grow and change this community for the better.

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