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We recognize that not everyone comes from the same economic background. This is why we have carefully created the Sliding Scale payment system that creates an opportunity for everyone to participate. Financial hardship is not something that is news to us. By now we know that the average person cannot survive working 40/hrs a week making minimum wage. It’s just not possible! Things are too expensive and you end up having to sacrifice things that would bring you joy because you just can’t afford them. Your situations are all unique to you. Maybe you can’t work (for personal reasons), and this program might be exactly what you need: but the pricing system is just way out of reach for you. We want to recognize that there are people out there that need this. We see you and want to offer you seats in our program. This is the service of Karma Yoga. We ask that you respect the boundaries of the sliding scale: reading the descriptions of each level carefully… and if you truly do not fit into one of those categories, then, please fill out this application.

We are offering a few scholarship amounts toward tuition costs to a few students each time we run these programs. We are currently offering 2 programs: 1) 6 month intensive option that begins August 11, 2019. 2) 12 month extensive option that begins October 25th, 2019. For each class, there will be a limited amount of scholarship seats offered by application only.*

We want to emphasize that these seats are reserved for true need and necessity. Please be honest about your financial offerings. We do not ask for income verification and we trust you.

*To apply for financial aid: please fill out the form below and submit for review. We will contact you via e-mail within a few days of receiving your e-mail.

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Are you able to contribute a portion of tuition, or do is someone able to help support you in anyway? Let us know how much you can contribute, or if you have limited access to funds.
If you have access to a barter-able service or product that you'd be interested in exchanging, let us know here. Don't be shy. We will consider and read each request - and make decisions based on need or necessity. *This is optional
If something specific applies to your story that these questions do not cover, this space is for you to tell us anything you want us to know.