Born and raised in Balmoral, NB, Vee has just returned to New Brunswick after living in Ontario for the past 13 years and she’s happy to be back. Her smile lights up a room and her energy has similar effects in the hot room.

One of our fluently bilingual teachers, Vee loves to cook, read and garden when she’s not doing what she does best, in our opinions, which is teaching Yin! She also makes beautiful mala jewelry and loves everything DIY. Since she’s been back home, Vee has loved being at the beach and spending her time with her boyfriend and their dog, Frank, who happen to both love Netflix.

Her favourite class is Yin (surprise!) and she gets inspiration from helping new students expand their limits as they get to know themselves better and learn to live in the moment.

“I want to help the world slow down one class at a time,” she says.

How does she like her coffee? Black and bold. What does she have in her pockets? The freshly-cleansed gemstones du jour.